Peter Gluyas - Alumni Chairperson

I went along to the celebrate the 50th  anniversary of Ashburton College and was disappointed with the turnout.

After speaking with like-minded Ashburton based former students we agreed that we needed to form an Alumni to build on the strong level of support that former students feel towards our old school.

I believe a strong Alumni will assist Ashburton College by bridging the gap between the College and local business as well as the wider Ashburton Community.


Alister Argyle

Ashburton College is the current face of approximately 137 years of quality secondary education in the Ashburton District.  It combines the strengths of the former Ashburton High School and Ashburton Technical College (Hakatere).  It is not the only college in the District - Mt Hutt College Methven has also provided a high standard of education in particularly the Methven area since 1925, but does not have the association with the previous secondary institutions in the area.

One of the strengths of many schools is an active past pupils association.  To date Ashburton College has not enjoyed that support but we believe now is an ideal time to establish such a group which would encompass not only those who attended Ashburton College but its predecessors as well.

As a first step we wish to contact as many former students of all three schools as possible and encourage each and every one of them to become a member.  At the same time we intend to indentify interest groups within former students because it is hoped that their experiences, wisdom and guidance can be channelled back into the College to provide support for the students of the present and future. 

It is intended that social functions will be held and networking encouraged to the mutual benefit of all those who participate.  
Ashburton College has a proud history with many many very successful former students and it is intended to build upon their experiences and success to enhance both the College and the local community.  

Welcome to the website of our Alumni.  We hope you will enjoy participating and encourage as many class mates and friends of Ashburton College to join too.  We also hope you will provide us with feedback as to how we can make it better.


Michael Clark  -  Ashburton College 

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Bruce Bell -  AshColl BoT

Ashburton College has been, and always will be, one of the pillars of Ashburton's community - it's the Alumni Board's objective to bring the past to the present and help the College community continue to flourish. 
Having been in business in Ashburton all my working life, heavily involved in the community through business and other local community boards, it was an easy decision when Peter Gluyas invited me to join the board in 2020. 
In 2021 a highlight for the Alumni was the successful reunion with hundreds of past pupils in attendance. 
Now working closely with Advance Ashburton Community Foundation, the Ashburton College Alumni's styructure is well and truly on a solid foundation

Mark Kennedy

After completing two terms as an Ashburton College Board of Trustee member, I wanted to continue being involved in some positive way with College and I see the Ashcoll Alumni is an ideal way to do this.

Although I am not an ex-pupil, my two adult  daughters attended College through to Year 13.

I am a big supporter of the excellent work all College staff put into our young people and I see the long term benefit to College of this Alumni initiative will be significant. It is certainly exciting to be involved in the establishment of the group.

Mark Kennedy


Shirley Falloon (nee Melrose)

I joined the AshColl Board in 2018 in the role of Facebook editor and events co-ordinator. I see my role as being an important point of contact between former students, teachers, Board of Trustees, staff and indeed all supporters past and present of the College today.

I encourage you to visit our website and register your interest in the Alumni. In this way we can begin to build the great traditions of support and camaraderie evident in other similar institutions with a long history.