20191102 115425Brittany Fowler

Shirley Falloon spoke to Brittany at Ashburton's A&P Show.

What impressed me SO much about this young woman was her quiet confidence and resolve.  Brittany attended College 2015-2019.

On the day of the Show Brittany was heavily involved in equestrian events but had the time to look over the photo boards and displays for both Alumni and College. 

Brittany had very fond reflections of her College years and mentioned Mr Millichamp as her favourite teacher as he "was always generous with his time and taught with a sense of humour".

Brittany began studying towards a Bachelor of Agricultural Science this year just up the road at Lincoln College. 

20191102 093025Being a first-day pupil at the College in 1970 saw Lois as roll monitor which, although that roll was no problem, it was finding her way around the "huge college" to the office that she found "petrifying".  Nevertheless she has happy memories of her years there.

Lois attended college until 1974 and was a keen member of Red House, particularly enjoying netball.

Typing was one of Lois' subjects and in those days students had to wear stiff, starchy fabric 'bibs' to ensure no peeking at the keys, ensuring the all-girl class became competent touch typists!

Lois currently works in interior sales.

20191102 115214Most dedicated staff member' for past pupil Neil Keenan must surely go to the College caretaker in the late 80s who went 'above and beyond' holding Neil's and mates' ciggies in his pocket to avoid certain detentions for the lads from Mr Lynch. The poor man's pocket eventually burst into flames but fortunately he sustained no injuries!

Neil and classmates from 3RY-6RY recently held a class reunion. It was 'highly enjoyable ' and they are looking forward to more.

Neil still resides in Ashburton and his career is in sales.